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We all know that majority of Adblockers today, block Google Analytics. Some by default and some by just enabling a setting. More than 10 million websites rely on Google Analytics to collect the analytical data of their users. One can imagine what would happen if it’s blocked.

According to this post, these are some of the top blockers:

App / Extension Platform User Base (Dec 2015) Blocks GA by default?
AdBlock Plus Cross-platform 21M users (Firefox) 40M+ (Chrome) 300M total downloads No, but easily added (one click post-install)
Adblock primarily Chrome 40M+ (Chrome) No, but easily added.
uBlock Origin Cross-platform 630k users (Firefox) 2.5M users (Chrome) Yes
Ghostery Cross-platform 2.3M users (Chrome) 1.5M users (Firefox) No, but easily added.
Purify iOS unknown, top 10 at launch* Yes
Adblock Browser Android 1-5M installs Yes
Google Analytics Opt-Out Chrome 720k users Yes

UnblockGA offers a simple, easy-to-implement workaround against these adblockers.

You can learn how to install or contribute at