Preetesh Jain

Why companies go for rebranding

In this post: Some basics of corporate identity and how it is related to rebranding.

Its been a while since since Instagram changed to a new logo. And ever since this happened, people from all over the world, have almost the same opinion about it. People still prefer the old logo. Nobody welcomed the new logo, and this is exactly why I wanna shed some light on the other side of the table. ICYMI, here's the Instagram rebranding video that'll get us on the same page:

You see, shifting towards a new logo or say, rebranding, is never an easy task for any company. It's a big leap, and it determines the identity of the organisation. It can easily backfire but almost every big tech company we know has gone through the process of redesign. Just to name a few, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo are all in the list.

Learning from the Instagram story

For Instagram though, it didn't go so well. People still prefer the old logo, but the new logo actually is more consistent across various platforms. Most importantly, it's now color independent. Now it can be used anywhere from black and white to Retina 4K displays without having to worry about the colors. This is opposite of the case with the old Instagram logo. The new logo is not just simpler, it's easier to remember and targets the youth. The old logo looked more like an app icon, and it's pretty much obvious that it won't work for a company of the scale of Instagram. The old and the new Instagram logo A company like Instagram, needs a logo that can be recognised for generations. Thanks to its popularity, Instagram's old logo did quite well, because they never changed it. People have been seeing the old logo for so long, they can't imagine Instagram without that retro camera icon. And yes, Instagram should've gone through the rebranding phase a long time ago, and it's because of this mistake that people still prefer the old logo.

But afterall, the redesign did happen. You might be wondering, what's the need? Why rebranding can be so important at one stage, that company has to change everything with it. No doubt rebranding is an extensive step, and it decides the future of a company.

One reason for redesign that I've noticed in most cases is the failure of existing branding to work for the business positively. At one point, many companies have reached a point where they have to move on and present themselves as a fresh entity.

Mastercard Rebranding

As you probably know by now, design agency, Pentagram recently redesigned the Mastercard's iconic logo. This is yet another case where you can at least predict why proper branding is so important. With time, things change, new trends come into play. Source: Pentagram Right now, flat design is doing rounds, industry wide. Thus, many companies have switched to a flatter version of their existing logos, or even created a new flat logo for themselves. Again the list includes, Mastercard, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, Logitech and many more.

Point being, change is necessary. A refreshing new look tells the company's potential customer that, "we know what's best, we know the current trend and we're prepared for the years to come". All these aspects determine the reliability factor for a brand. Considering psychology, people will trust their brand more when they'll come to know that this company is thinking forward. If a company hasn't changed their design principles for a decade or more, there might be good chances you'll find a considerable decline in their overall business.


Rebranding is a necessary step these days. You cannot ignore it, since change has become a necessity in today's cut throat competition. What makes you stand out is your identity, digital presence and countless other similar factors.

Although, there's a point to be noted here and that is, rebranding is a crucial and fragile task. It should be done after proper research and analyzing the market. There's a reason why agencies like Pentagram are successful. They are not just mere designers, they are good researchers and analysts as well. And I believe a designer, should possess these skills, given the competition in today's market.