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Design – Kinetic Van

Before reading this post, you should read about the rebranding project of Kinetic Fitness, here:

Kinetic is a fitness brand, and they recently decided to extend their business to other cities in Central India and for this purpose, they built a custom exhibition van. This van has to be pasted with a special laminated Vinyl leaving no blank spaces. These pictures were taken in Indore, when the van just stepped out of the paint shop:


After the van reached Jabalpur, I went and took all the dimensions of the van. After having all the necessary details and having finalized the material and the print shop, I began designing the exteriors. Here are the final designs that were sent to the print shop:


After the¬†pasting was done, it was time to spice up the interiors, which was the most tricky part. The place¬†was filled¬†with nuts and bolts all over the place, and then there was windows, doors, machines that have to fixed to the floor, an Air Conditioner and what not. After careful inspection of the van from the inside, I devised¬†a¬†dual tone interior theme¬†for the van,¬†having¬†3¬†walls in black and one with¬†a¬†California Orange gradient. Here’s the final set of designs:


Without any doubt, this is was a new kind of project for me. But you learn from the experiences and if you have the necessary confidence to tackle the problems, the end result is always good and worth all the extra effort. Here are some pictures of the Van taken just before the Launch Event: