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Logo Design – Sky O’Dine

Sky O’Dine was a logo I created for a rooftop restaurant which was planned to be started in Jabalpur. I was tasked to create a logo that showcases not just the idea of a rooftop restaurant but also the experience that comes bundled with it. There are many rooftop restaurants in India and I’ve been to a few.

Mediterra, Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Mediterra at Sayaji Hotel, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

So I knew the ideas and experiments I had to test before coming with a presentable and working design. The very first iteration that I came up with was this:


The clients liked it but were not that all impressed as I thought. I, on the other hand thought that this version of the logo was very clean, tidy and modern.

So I moved on to a next iteration and came up with this one:


This particular revision was really liked by the client. But, I also experimented with a different name, Skydine and created almost equivalent iterations for it. Here they are:


After some months, I came to know that the restaurant will not be re-branded and will run under the same name and branding as the parent organization. Anyways this was a fun side project for me, as I was still in the beginner phase of logo design.