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Rebranding – Kinetic

Kinetic Sportfit is a fitness equipment brand based in Jabalpur, India. They deal in high quality Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Gym Machinery and other fitness related products in collaboration with DKCity, Taiwan. They reached out to me to design an Exhibition Van for the company, so they can extend their recognition and business in other cities. Designing something like an Exhibition Van for a company that is into fitness products, require a good logo. A logo that is easily recognizable, yet depicts vigor and youthfulness.

So, I convinced my client to switch to a new logo.¬†The existing¬†logo¬†was very outdated and if you¬†want¬†to¬†survive the competition¬†in bigger cities, a better design is¬†needed. Here’s what the old logo¬†was like:


The old logo of Kinetic Fitness


Before starting any new¬†design project, I always analyze the requirements. This helps me to think¬†from scratch, but as most good designers know, the best logo comes out when you’ve spent a substantial amount of time doodling around the concept. This is why analyzing the requirements of the client is very crucial. When you’re sketching in rough,¬†a well analyzed¬†requirement set will guide you through the process. In this particular case, the client required something that depicts motion, yet something calm or soothing.

And to my surprise, while I was playing with the letter K in the sketchpad, I flipped it 90 degrees anticlockwise and the road ahead was pretty much clear. The final logo is based on the famous Yoga position, i.e. the Padmasana (or, the Lotus position).

Kinetic Logo (Superimposed)

The Kinetic logo superimposed on the Lotus Yoga Position

Anatomy of the Logo

So the entire human body in Lotus position can be summarized through this logo. The top circle is the head, the second V-shape is the chest, and the last two form the abdominal area and the legs respectively. I also made the logo triangular, which points towards the top, and we all know that it stands for growth.

I used California Orange in the logo and in the branding, because after studying and working in with colors for years, I know that orange is the color that represents¬†innovation and freshness and that’s just some simple¬†Human psychology that a designer should know.


The characters¬†are kerned¬†and¬†the final iteration is a result¬†of many more¬†tracking adjustments. Here’s a closer look:


The Kinetic Logotype

The logotype leans towards the right, which paints the definition of the word Kinetic, i.e. in motion. By just a glimpse of it, motion is boasted by the logotype clearly.


These are some of the mockups I made for the CIS report:

You can read about the Kinetic Van here: