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Tab Bucket – Extension Suite

Tab Bucket is a browser extension for Firefox and Chromium based browsers (works in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera). It’s based on a very simple idea, saving all the tabs a user is currently browsing, so that they can restore it later quickly when they find time.

Or simply think of a scenario in which a PC is shared by multiple users at home or work, and the user finds it hard to bookmark or note down all the tabs he was browsing on so he can restore them later in a jiffy. I faced similar problems and hence made Tab Bucket, as a quick hack.

Tab Bucket for Chrome

Tab Bucket is utilizes a extremely fast Chrome Storage API to store the sessions. It’s blazing fast and quick to restore. The extension is not available on Chrome WebStore, but you can download the zip right here and load it to your copy of Google Chrome or Opera Chromium. Download zip

The steps to load an unpacked extension are documented here:

Tab Bucket for Firefox

The Firefox version of Tab Bucket is build on its localStorage API and is quite to easy to obtain. Since the Firefox Add-on Market is free for developers to distribute their extensions, I submitted Tab Bucket to it. You can find it here: