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CHAINOFLOYATY is the brand alias of hip-hop duo ‚ÄúYoung Kizzy & Jai Loyal‚ÄĚ. Kizzy hails from Lagos, Nigeria and Jai, the younger brother of Layzie & Flesh-n-Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, is based in Cleveland, OH. Both have been individually making quality music for quite¬†some¬†time and now they‚Äôre working as a collab to produce worldwide releases, so that people from all around the globe can enjoy them.

They contacted me for a website and branding solution. You can read more about it, here:

This website needed to be dealt with a lot of dynamic data. We also needed it to be faster, because Kizzy was based in Nigeria, where the average internet speed is 322Kbps. To serve the fans from such countries, the site had to be efficient with each and every byte. So, we decided to build the site with our own customized version of a popular MVC framework, we named Stacc Web Engine. We built this framework with one thing in mind, i.e., speed and responsiveness. So we made this framework lightweight, and even without caching, we found that even on average hosting plans, the site performed better than the sites built on other platforms such as WordPress.

As you might expect,¬†there is an¬†Admin Panel¬†to manage various aspects of the website. Here’s a sneak peek:

Screenshot (1)

The Admin Panel

Screenshot (2)

The Admin Panel – Mobile View

I also manage COL’s¬†social media pages,¬†to ensure¬†the¬†branding consistency is kept intact.¬†The design of the website plays a major role in visual perception of a brand. Thus, this website’s design was developed with this key factor in mind.