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Windows Apps

Since I was a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) in my college days, I created several Windows and Windows Phone apps. I actually entered into the world of programming with it. Before this, I was just a Graphic Designer with some decent amount of video editing skills.

When the applications for the MSP program began in 2012, there was this requirement to submit at least two Windows or Windows Phone apps with a Silver certification from Windows App Test¬†Lab at Bangalore (it is now dissolved). So in just two¬†months, I’ve to learn C# and XAML¬†and¬†how to create Windows apps. But thanks to Channel9 tutorials from Bob Tabor¬†I quickly learnt how to¬†create Windows apps. Also, some credit goes to Microsoft too, for creating¬†such a complete and functional IDE,¬†Visual Studio.

Anyways, here you can find all the apps that I created for the platform. Both before and after becoming a MSP. Most of these apps are static, only two are dynamic. Link are in order they were submitted to the store.

Windows Store: Gagshout, Codelibe, Collie Quizdog, Quoteweiler

Windows Phone: Collie Quizdog, VotePedia 2014, Cricket Tiler, DB Client

Why I stopped developing Windows Apps

Primary reason is that this platform has a tonnes of limitations and thus the apps in Windows Phone are way more inferior in overall functionality than they are on iOS or Android. This makes using Windows Phone harder for a vast majority of users and thus the market share of WP is rapidly dropping.

On the other hand, there’s another issue I faced while developing Windows Phone apps. The API was updated/refreshed several times even in the minor updates to the OS. And then W10 brought even more changes. The dashboard, even the store URLs, and then of course the documentation, it’s a whole new world again. It just became so hard to keep up with all those frequent changes, that a majority of developers like me, eventually gave up and moved on for better platforms.